World Toilet Day

Celebrated on 19 November, World Toilet Day was initiated in 2001 by the World Toilet Organization and Today it is celebrated in different countries around the world.

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Kill The Germs - Play Now!

The bacteria in your faeces spreads the two diseases that are the leading causes of death for children under five: pneumonia and diarrhoea. Combat faecal bacteria spread in real life and online with the World Wash Up game. Spread the word, not the bacteria!

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A multitude of diseases are transmitted due to inadequate sanitation including diarrhoea and respiratory infections. Improved sanitation have the potential of preventing one tenth of global disease.

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Photo Contest

More than 600 million in India still defecate in the open. To raise awareness of the importance of proper toilets, UNICEF is launching a photo contest. Enter today, send us the best shots of you and your toilet. Amazing prizes to be won.

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More than 1000 children die by Diarrhoea.
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